Vandalia launches Social Media campaign

The City of Vandalia is introducing a fun social media project designed to get Vandalians sharing their experiences in our community.

The #HereInVandalia project uses the unique properties of a social media hashtag to create an online community celebrating life “Here in Vandalia.”

“With social media exploding the way it has over the past few years, we’ve been looking for a way to use this amazing technology to promote our great city.” said Jon Crusey, Vandalia city manager. “This project is a way to get our community involved.”

The hashtag is commonly used to help categorize photos submitted to a social media site such as Twitter or Instagram. By using the hashtag in conjunction with a photo, others can search social media sites for that specific hashtag.

“When people use the ‘HereInVandalia’ hashtag, we’ll search social media to post all approved hashtagged photos on one web site,” Crusey explained. “To see the photos with the “HereInVandalia” hashtag, simply go to”

For those who are less computer savvy, the Vandalia website will offer a link for submission of a photo for the campaign. The campaign is designed to give Vandalians, our businesses and visitors the opportunity to share Vandalia stories through pictures.

“To offer extra interest, each week we’ll choose one post to be featured on our web page and its contributor will receive a Vandalia t-shirt,”Crusey said. “The winning photos will also be submitted to the Vandalia Drummer News.”

Another feature of the campaign will be the use of giant portable picture frames that will be available at many Vandalia events.

“Participants can hold up the frame, pose inside it and hashtag their photo to Here In Vandalia,” Crusey explained. “The frame will be available at larger public events such as the Star-Spangled Celebration and the Air Show Parade.”