Vandalia, Ohio HistoryThe roots of Vandalia, Ohio trace back to 1838 when Benjamin Wilhelm, a settler from Pennsylvania, first set up shop in a small general store for travelers as they journeyed westward. In 1848, when the area officially became the Village of Vandalia, he would become our first mayor.

Vandalia flourished in the late 1870’s. The demand for horse-drawn vehicles and their repairs helped to create thriving businesses in the village. By 1881 the population was 315. In 1920, the Vandalia and Butler District School Boards voted to create a centralized school system.

Vandalia was outgrowing its village status by 1959, and the voters chose the Council-Manager as its form of government. This made the village a municipal corporation, and on January 1, 1960, Vandalia became a Charter City of the State of Ohio. Vandalia celebrated the 150th year of its founding in 1988.

Now, with the Dayton International Airport within close proximity, Vandalia still welcomes travelers just like Benjamin Wilhelm did 175 years ago.

To learn more details about the colorful history of Vandalia, visit the Historical Society of Vandalia-Butler website.