Vandalia, Ohio TestimonialsVandalia is a welcoming community for all businesses, large and small. If you’re considering locating your business in Vandalia, consider these words of recommendation from just a few of our local businesses.

All Service Plastic Molding
Joe Minneman
“I did get to shop the market, in and out of the State of Ohio, and Vandalia was by far the best business-friendly environment we encountered.”

General Pet Supply
Bruce Seefeld
“From the first day we met with them, they’ve given us as much time as we’ve needed. They’ve been very instrumental in getting the permitting going.

Vandalia has been very instrumental in helping us get up and running. Anytime I needed something, I could call them on the phone, they provided me with cell phone numbers… e-mail addresses… when I left a message, they quickly got back with me. They put me in touch with all the resources I needed.

They’ve just been a tremendous resource, not only with the contacts, but the follow-up. It’s been very good and I would certainly encourage anyone to take advantage of the opportunities and the resources here… they’ve been very good to us and very helpful along the way. For anyone who is looking at expanding, I would encourage you to consider Vandalia. This has been a really good place to be and I think you’ll be very happy with your decision to come to this area.”

Joseph Airport Toyota/Hyundai
Chris Hahn
“The City of Vandalia has been fantastic. I’ve worked in other municipalities where everything is a fight. The City helped us every step of the way.”

Karin Gaiser
“In this day and age in hardcore business it’s rare to say, but the City of Vandalia is very easy to work with. I can sum it up in that we never hesitate to call if we need help, if we have a question, if we’re seeking advice.”

White Castle
Rob Camp
“We visited a lot of sites, but the Vandalia folks were very aggressive. They bent over backwards to get us all the information we needed to move forward. They arranged a meeting together with Ohio DOT and all of the utility companies and city officials for zoning and planning.”


For more information about business development in Vandalia, email Assistant City Manager Amber Holloway, aholloway@vandaliaohio.org or click here.