diningWhat’s on the menu? You name it! Vandalia is filled with restaurants, coffee shops, pubs, and fast-food eateries. And what you can’t find within our city limits, you’ll be sure to find in the bustling Miller Lane area just a few minutes south of town in neighboring Butler Township.

Ask our residents about our favorite local pizza parlors and wing joints. Browse our list of family restaurants below, and enjoy the wide and diverse menu of dining choices that Vandalia has to offer.

El Toro

794 Northwoods Boulevard, Vandalia, OH


6834 Miller Lane, Vandalia, OH


22 Foley Drive, Vandalia, OH


3311 Benchwood Road, Vandalia, OH

Golden Corral

6611 Miller Lane, Vandalia, OH

Hairless Hare Brewery

738 West National Road


6851 Miller Lane, Vandalia, OH

Hot Head Burritos

116 E. National Road, Vandalia, OH

Imperial Palace

790 Northwoods Boulevard, Vandalia, OH

Jim’s Donut Shop

122 E. National Road, Vandalia, OH

KFC/Long John Silvers

420 E. National Road, Vandalia, OH

Little York Tavern

4120 Little York Road, Vandalia, OH

LocoLicious Natural Juice & Coffee Bar

698 W. National Road, Vandalia, OH

Max & Erma's

6930 Miller Lane, Vandalia, OH


3411 York Commons, Vandalia, OH


530 E. National Road, Vandalia, OH


7030 Miller Lane, Vandalia, OH

Olive Garden

6722 Miller Lane, Vandalia, OH

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